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Why Musicians, Producers and DJ’s Need Hearing Protection!

Hearing Protection for Producer’s

For Producers, hearing protection is excruciatingly important. It is your goal to mix all the elements of the track into the exact frequency slot. If you end up finishing/mastering a song and its all ready to go. With hearing damage, you will usually compensate for your hearing loss in the mix down. Usually by boosting the high end much too much. To someone without hearing damage/ hearing loss. Your song is going to sound unpleasant from other mastered songs and likely to sound tinny.

Boosting to High?
Another situation could be, if you were to have boosted the cymbals, overheads and/ or the hi-hats too loud in the mix. From overcompensating to the damage you may have previously done. As a producer, keeping your ears in tip top form is essential for producing great sounding mix-downs, mastering and keeping your mentality straight. If you keep putting out songs in this situation of having damage. Your music wont be as popular as it could have been. We do not recommend wear our products when producing. However, when you are out and about checking out some live music at a festival or club. Or even just have a drink at a loud bar, its definitely handy to keep a pair of the m-series hearing protection handy.

Earplugs for Musicians

Hearing is the most important tool for any Musician. If you were completely deaf, you could still play an instrument physically, however you would never know how it sounds. You may think it sounds good, but to the listener it is a different story. Mozart himself had this problem as he ended going completely deaf from over exposure to loud sound. This in turn had affects on his mental well being and including thoughts of suicide. This is not a situation anyone wants to be in, as any musician who truely loves music would never want to not be able to hear again. Our hearing protection is designed for musicians, whether you are a drummer, singing vocals, playing the guitar or stringing a violin in an orchestra. You are able to hear, not only your own instrument. But also the other instruments around you. All, at just a lower sound level. So your ears are kept safe from damage.

Earplugs for DJ’s

DJ’s are constantly in extremely loud venues which are well over the ‘safe hearing level’. As a Dj, you need to be mixing those tunes tight, usually by listening to the snare and hi hats in the mix. Our hearing protection are great for these situations, as you can still hear the high end clearly in your headphones! Thats right, because the m-series are so discrete, its very easy to fit a pair of monitoring headphones over top and mix’em beats protected. The design of our earplugs are made for monitoring with headphones if needed as they do not stick out of your ear unlike other products on the market. If you do plan to mix with a pair of headphones and earplugs simultaneously. We would recommend a Pair of M3’s for mixing and a Pair of M7’s when off stage.