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The Unseen/Biggest Dangers of Noise

Noise Induced Hearing LossWhen you are exposed to an excessive amount of noise over a long period, you may come across a range of health related issues. These issues may relate to both physiological and psychological aspects of a person’s health.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss Affects

As per the health professionals, the commonest health related issue people will experienced after exposing to excessive noise is noise induced hearing loss. Apart from that, if you live in a noise polluted environment for long hours, you might have to come across annoying and dangerous health issues such as;

– Disturbed sleep
– Fatigue and aggressiveness
– Imbalance in immune system
– Increased blood pressure
– Lead to heart diseases etc.

When the human body is exposed to an excessive noise, it will start to react against it. The autonomic nervous system of the body will change the normal functionality of the body. This will increased heart rate, stimulated blood pressure and increased hormone levels (such as adrenalin and cortisol) are the obvious results of this change. Continuous release of higher adrenalin and cortisol levels will ultimately lead your body to experience serious issues. Including; high blood pressure, increased heart rate, constant headaches, stressful feeling throughout the day, hypertension, increased chances for heart attacks, high risks of strokes, issues related to gastrointestinal system etc.

Noise induced hearing loss (long-term)

One of the obvious results of exposing to noise is long term hearing loss (noise induced hearing loss). The danger of such hearing loss is that it will grow gradually as a health condition and will remain unnoticed for many years. You will not have to expose to extreme noises for continuous hours; the noise is cumulative. Therefore, if you are an individual who is already exposed to extreme noises over the time, you are seriously vulnerable for hearing issues.

The wisest thing you should do if you feel that you are exposed to noise, particularly if you are engaged with an occupation where you have to expose yourself to noises, you must visit a professional audiologist at your earliest. Remember, hearing loss is harder to cure if you left it unattended for many years. Although noise induced hearing loss is not associated with any pain or strain, it is a permanent condition.

Noise induced hearing loss (immediate)

Due to various reasons, one can experience immediate hearing loss. Explosives, power tools such as nail guns, industrial machineries, metal clashes, blasts, crashes etc. Powerful and destructive noises can destroy the cells in the inner ear. Unfortunately, these cells NEVER GROW BACK making it a permanent condition. In that case, the victim may have to seek the assistance of hearing aids with the recommendation of an audiologist. Prevention is is the best way to avoid noise induced hearing lost. Check out the M-Series Earplugs here.

Extreme noise is always destructive. Some individuals ‘have to’ expose themselves to excessive noised as a part of their occupation. Under such circumstances, it is compulsory to wear hearing protection; employers are bound to facilitate their staff with necessary equipment. Also, it is good to have an audiologist to perform a routine check on such vulnerable employees before something bad happens.