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Top 10 Scary Hearing Loss Facts

Just like the way you deal with any other medical condition, it is always important to address hearing loss and any sort of hard of hearing situation at your earliest if you expect quick and easy recovery. Therefore, it is always important to have a good idea about the hearing loss facts in order to start treatments accurately.

01. You experience hard of hearing people over the phone

If you find it difficult to hear people over the phone even when the volume level is set to the maximum, it can be a scary sign of hearing loss. After realizing such defect, it is better to see a physician at your earliest.

02. You become loss in conversations

Naturally, humans are born with the ability to process multiple tasks such as handling both incoming and outgoing (listening and talking) simultaneously. Sometimes, you will find it difficult to grasp what the others say during a conversation. Although it is not always a signs of hearing loss, it is better to see a doctor is the problem persists.

03. Your TV is too loud for the family members

This is one of the most common experiences for a person suffers from hard of hearing. If your kids and other family members have already started to complain that your TV is too loud, the probability for a hearing loss is huge.

04. You find it tiring to follow conversations

Sometimes, you might find it difficult to follow the conversations. Upon such instances, you might have to put extra effort to grab what the others converse. Such task can be tiring and exhausting.

05. You cannot tolerate noisy backgrounds

If you are in a busy, noisy restaurant with a friend and you cannot hear what he says, that can be an indication of a hearing problem. In fact, the inability to mask out the background noises is something you should consider seriously.

06. You need others to repeat what they say

If you need others to repeat what they say (probably by asking ‘what?’) more than two or three times a day, that can be an indication of hard of hearing. You need others to repeat what they say as you cannot grab the sound signals properly.

07. You feel that others don’t speak clearly

If you feel like others don’t speak in a clearer manner (as if all of them are mumbling around you) you should see a physician immediately as it can be a sign of hearing loss.

08. You continue to misunderstand what others say

It can be an annoying experience to misunderstand what others say. Such experience can be annoying for both you and the others around you. If such issue persists, you should consider seeing a doctor.

09. You find it hard to hear higher frequencies

As you grow old you may find it hard to gram some frequencies (particularly the higher frequencies such as voices of women and children).

10. You get annoyed of others

You will start to be annoyed at the people around you as you cannot hear or understand what they say. This can cause a real frustration in one’s life.