Noise Induced Hearing Loss is the only preventable form of Tinnitus People with tinnitus may suffer from: Extreme distress (this is common) Depression Frequent mood swings, depression or anxiety attacks Tension, irritability or frustration Poor concentration Sleep problems. If you are attending concerts, clubs, pubs or anything that involves being in a loud environment you should be wearing hearing protection to prevent noise induced hearing loss. Most of the so-called tinnitus ‘cures’ on the market have no scientific basis. When you wear our M-Series Earplugs, you will find that they actually increase the pleasure of both attending and performing at a loud venues. Unlike other earplugs, the M-Series Musician Earplugs reduce the high and mid-range of the frequency spectrum evenly. This also reduces strain on your hearing whilst being able to enjoying the full impact of the bass frequencies and of course the feel for the music. The High and Mid Range frequencies are the crucial part of your hearing that needs protecting as these frequencies are most commonly the first to be damaged. This is because the sound waves pass through the first hairs inside the cochlea (inner ear) first before passing to the hairs that respond to the low frequencies. Because hearing damage happens very gradually overtime, when you receive it is very hard to notice it and how much damage you have done. Let’s say if you go out to a big loud event and you come home with ringing ears, they may become fine within the next couple of days. However every time you get that ringing, the frequency that’s ringing is usually the frequency that is damaged, usually multiple frequencies at once. This sounds like a giant church bell.