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The Mute S4 Sleeping Earplugs are the perfect solution for a goodnight’s sleep. They are made from a foam base that fits all sizes of ears with ultra-comfort and are designed to keep noise level at an extreme low. It comes with 4 pairs of disposable plugs and travel case.

Mute S4 Sleeping Plugs will allow you to have the peaceful night’s sleep that is important for a healthy body. These are meant for people who cannot sleep because of noise; a snoring partner, loud neighbors or traffic. Also effective for those working nights, or trying to nap on a plane.

“Stuff still sounds clear and natural and very comfy to wear” – Live Wire Radio


1Mute sleeping earplugs come in a universal one size fits all.

2Extremely comfortable to use.

3Come with a uniquely designed and ultra-small carry case, hygienic and compact for putting in your pocket.

4Made from gentle material, which is soft and non-abrasive on the skin.

Mute Sleeping Earplugs have a massive 48dB reduction value. Sits in the user’s ear and doesn’t stick out of ear, hence allowing sleeping comfortably on either side. Lush Foam Material

  • “These are crucial for anyone who produces or makes music. You know your ears are better than any tools you can buy, so its best to invest in them now.” – Move Music Ltd (Melbourne, AUS)

  • “The M7 is exactly what I need when I’m performing. I can easily mix, dance and chat with the crowd easily and my ears feel awesome at the end of the night.” – Jakx – Producer/ DJ (Auckland, NZ)

  • “These earphones are shit, they don’t come with any cables and I can’t connect them to my iPhone…” – Steve

  • “Was given a pair of these at a gig, I thought I wouldn’t like them at all, but they turned out to be amazing!” – Hamish (Whistler, BC)