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The Mute M7 reduces sound levels evenly so that music and speech are clear and natural. They are designed specifically for DJs, Producers and Musicians who want to keep their most valuable assets ‘their ears’ in reliable form.

The noise filter of SNR27db reduces the sound evenly across all frequencies which are intended for withstanding long periods of excessive noise levels without inducing hearing loss. Mute M7 Earplugs are made from a silicon base which fits all sizes of ears comfortably.

They are made to be reused and are easily washable with soap and water.The clear compact design is discrete and not easily seen while inserted in the ear. Also, because of their size, fitting a pair of monitoring headphones over top is never a problem. The carry case is soft, textured and ultra-small, so its super lightweight and comfortable in your pocket.

“Stuff still sounds clear and natural and very comfy to wear” – Live Wire Radio


1Mute earplugs come in a universal one size fits all.

2Retains original sound characteristics

3Unlike other earplugs, Mute earplugs reduce sound levels evenly so that music and speech are clear and natural.

4Extremely convenient and comfortable to use.

5Enhances the music experience by maintaining optimal sound levels.

6Lets musicians hear their own instrument and their mix with others.

7High noise communication, Allows you to hear speech while listening to music-this means you don’t need to take out your earplugs.

8Comes with a uniquely designed and ultra small carry case, hygienic and compact for putting in your pocket. Ideal for protection in many other noisy occupations and noisy venues, such as airshows, parades, athletic events and motor sports.

9Made from durable and washable material, which is also soft and gentle on the skin.

M-Series Attenuation Chart

MEAN ATTN img detail1 M SERIES M7
  • “These are crucial for anyone who produces or makes music. You know your ears are better than any tools you can buy, so its best to invest in them now.” – Move Music Ltd (Melbourne, AUS)
  • “The M7 is exactly what I need when I’m performing. I can easily mix, dance and chat with the crowd easily and my ears feel awesome at the end of the night.” – Jakx – Producer/ DJ (Auckland, NZ)
  • “These earphones are shit, they don’t come with any cables and I can’t connect them to my iPhone…” – Steve
  • “Was given a pair of these at a gig, I thought I wouldn’t like them at all, but they turned out to be amazing!” – Hamish (Whistler, BC)