Privacy Policy

–  Ensure Earplugs are clean and dry before use. –  Hold the top edge of your outer ear and pull it slightly backwards and upwards. This straightens the ear canal, making way for a snug fit. –  Let go of your ear and push in the ear protector once again. –  Always remove earplugs slowly, twisting them to break the seal.  
Maintenance& Cleaning instructions
Cleaning instructions: use soapy water to gently clean any dust or wax accumulated on it. Dry them with a soft tissue or a clean soft cloth before reinserting or replacing back in the earplug carry case.  
Warranties and Disclaimer
–  To ensure protection and attain maximum benefit, make sure your earplugs are inserted correctly and fit properly in the ear. The earplugs are manufactured and designed to provide protection against harmful sound levels. However, if the earplug is not used continuously or according to instructions the protection may be compromised. –  For users 8 years and above. –  30 days money back guarantee. (Postage charges will be paid by the consumer if the return is due to no-default in the product) –  Mute does not warrant against normal wear and tear, nor damage caused by accident or abuse.  
Mute Audio disclaims any and all liability, loss or otherwise, which may occur due to or as a result of negligence in the use of our product: to include insertion, wearing and the removal of our products. Mute Audio disclaims any and all liability to hearing loss due to a range of sound pressure level environments. Make sure to check safety requirements of environments before use.