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Being excruciatingly hungry Krank3n did what even the biggest of colossus squids would do. Jump 10 feet out of the water onto Grizzly bear and try and take em down. Squelching arms getting bitten off and tentacles ripping the beaten bear, this fight for survival was funereally even. Exhausted and terribly wounded the bear managed hobble away leaving Krank3n dying out in the cold Alaskan sun. Nasty Genius found him after snowboarding from the peak among the Alaskan mountains and came across a giant squid Krank3n laying there with tentacles ripped to shreds. Thinking of a new project this would be an awesome idea. Nasty brought him back to the lab, did some tests and made some custom equipment Frankenstein style to bring Krank3n back to life… with a vengeance loops, equipping him with a levitating tank and sound designed suit Krank3n was ready to smash destroy and take over the world.
Elusive Sense is a new rising talent who is starting to show his presence within the trance realm. Hailing from the city of Melbourne, Australia, he has released on labels like Always Alive Recordings and Go On Air Recordings, with major support from the likes of Armin van Buuren, Aly & Fila, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Sean Tyas, Simon Patterson, Solarstone and more. His other alias, Soniq State, reached prodigious success with the remix of 'First To Go' by Dj Xquizit and Tim Hilberts. The track was released on the ‘F15TEEN YEARS OF GOODGREEF’ compilation album. The track went on further to achieve the title of becoming the ‘Future Favourite’ on A State of Trance episode 730. Labelled by trance legend Giuseppe Ottaviani as “amazing new talent”, Elusive Sense is undoubtedly an artist that is heading in the right direction.