Our Story

Once upon a time… We at Mute Audio went to loud events, clubs, festivals you name it and normal foam earplugs weren’t cutting the deal! They look stupid, muffle sound and are just generally awkward. So we decided, “hey, why not get some custom made musician earplugs?”

So after getting molds at the audiology, 3 weeks and $230 later they are back at the clinic ready to pick up. They were great at first for what we needed them for however because of the design that was directly molded to our ear they ended up slipping easily when cutting shapes on the dance floor or swaying our head like Stevie Wonder. Of course¬†we ended up losing them and couldn’t afford to wait another 3 weeks to organize some more to pick up let alone another $230 damage to the bank account.

So we hunted around through many different brands and nothing met our expectations, so we decided to invent some that did.

We created a team of the finest audio engineers, acoustic engineers, musicians and creative designers to develop the best available option for earplugs. After shredding blood sweat and tears into MUTE we came up with the ultimate hearing protection earplug that sounds clean, is very discrete and also affordable.

Hearing protection has never been cool, but it is much needed in today’s society. We are very pleased to provide the world with an outstanding product that you too can now be apart of.


We guarantee our M- Series music earplugs will be the best you have ever owned, if not return your undamaged item within 30 days and we will pay for your return postage fee and 110% of the purchase price. This offer is only available for 1 unit per person and shipping location.