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Noise Pollution, Then and Now

What is Noise Pollution?

Noise Pollution is accumulated, excessively loud sound from today’s modern society that has negative affects to both humans and animal life. It is mainly cause by motor vehicles , transportation systems and machines.

Noise Pollution is a massive problem nowadays, being inside a highly densely populated area you are almost guaranteed to be exposed to high levels of noise Pollution. Let’s have a look at what noise Pollution is and how it effects you.

Effects of Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution can affect a humans health in many ways including Hypertension which is when your blood pressure is too high for an extended period of time which is a major risk factor for heart and artery related problems. It can also cause Vasocontriction which in lamens terms is the narrowing of your arteries which decreases the blood flow to important areas of your body.

Along side that, of course there is hearing impairment, for when you can no longer hear as well and may suffer tinitus a ringing in the ear. This effects your life daily with communication, sleeping and so on.

There are also psychological issues that maybe the affect of Noise Pollution that creates stress, agrivated aggression and antisocial behaviour.

Can Noise Induced Hearing Loss be Prevented?

Luckily It can be prevented as long as there is commitment. If you a city slicker living in a dense city it has become increasingly hard to avoid noise however with a little commen sense you can reduce the stress overcome by noise poluution here are a few tips:

1. Avoid city traffic, Stay indoors or even wear your own personal audio with the volume down, this will usually isolate the noise from outside a little bit reducing the volume, but make sure not to have your headset to loud overcompensating for the noise outside.

2. Wear soft earplugs to bed, Reducing the noise over the extended time of when you sleep will signicantly reduce the exposure to any noise pollution that may be in your environment, this will definitely apply if your house or apartment is on a main street or near the airport.

3. Social events, The M-Series Earplugs are great for social events for large volume of people or loud venues. They are just like a volume swtich and turn everything down a notch, so you can still everything clear.

4. If you work in a loud work environment, your company or boss should supply you with the correct hearing protection for the application. If in doubt, keep your saftey first.

Before the Machines

  Before we had mega cities, locomotives and guns humans use to live amongst nature where there was very little that would put your hearing at risk. Your hearing would be one of the most important traits as humans use to rely on it extensively for survival. You could hear your prey catching up on you. Or the next victim of your appetite. The sound of water rushing near by.

  When you are born, a babies hearing is so sensitive it could hear the difference in temperature rise. However it doesn’t take long for your hearing to be affected by todays loud environment

Noisey Planes Cars and Trains

  School environments for children at a young age for kindergarten and preschool tend to be extremely loud due to a large volume of kids in a small area. Kids at this age love to scream and shout to be heard and get attention and when mixed with highly reflective rooms without acoustic treatment can amplify the noise and encourage even more from other students.

Future Prevention of Noise Pollution

Electric motors in motorcycles and cars significantly reduce noise Pollution in traffic. People have been complaining that it is dangerous as it is hard to hear an electric vehicles come by them, or sneak up on them increasing the risk of accidents, however it is due to the rest of the being saturated in loud non electric motors and there will need to be a transition period as the new market for electric motors takes over.