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How to know when someone is on drugs

We all know music scene is crawling with druggies. But how do you know when someone is on drugs? Is the music really this that good? Is this person always this friendly or is it the drugs that are actually talking to you. Hopefully this article can help you pick up on some subtle and more obvious signs of what drugs people are on. How they are feeling when they are on drugs and how it may effect you. Also the cliche ‘signs someone is high on Marijuana’.


With Marijuana legal and becoming in some parts on the world. Amsterdam, parts of the USA, and CANADA by the end of this summer. It’s highly likely you have experience talking to someone who is high on weed unless you have been living in a cat cafe in Japan.

Signs someone is high on Marijuana

1. Bloodshot eye’s – cough cough…oh its just allergies. Bullsh!t! Your high mother fuck$%r. No but seriously, bloodshot eyes is a typical giveaway some is high on weed. There is only so much clear eyes can help out those saggy eyelid’s.

2. They smell – That’s right! They smell like weed. Sound obvious, but trying to hide the smell is very difficult so they may try to sugar coat themselves in a Willy Wonka factory river of cologne. It’s these signs someone is high on Marijuana.

3. Word structure – ‘Bicking the flean’, instead of ‘Flicking the bean’. Yes, people rearrange words and create new ones quite often when ‘high’ on weed. A typical instance is when the swap the front letter of a word with the front letter of another word within the same sentence. Just like the example. This sign is not so obvious, but can definitely happen.

4. Overthinking a situation – Marijuana is common to have the side effect of making someone paranoid. Which kinda goes hand in hand with overthinking a situation. Typical pothead’s, stoner’s or cannibus users whatever you wanna call them. Tend to overthink a situation.


How people high on Marijuana may effect you.

1. When they are high ‘using the drug’. They are relaxed and chill. However someone that uses frequently can have mood swings and tend be grumpy and touchy for sure. In general though, they are easy going and safe to be around.

2. Can I be safe with them driving me? For a first time pot smoker, they wouldn’t be use to the effects of marijuana and would likely be quite dangerous to jump in the car with. They could just burst out into a laughing fit and then ‘BOOM’ pancake windscreen face. On the other hand, if the person is an everyday ‘user’ they should be pretty confident in their ‘motor abilities’ and may even be a better driver than the typical stressed out road rage feminist. Though we definitely don’t recommend either.


LSD aka Acid (and a boatload of other terms) is a surprisingly common drug at your typical electronic festival. It is usually served up in a couple of different discrete packages which can be hard to identify. One being LSD doused cardboard and cut into little pieces. Because you only need a little bit to fly to the moon and back several times faster than a spaceship. This type of drug user can be a tricky one to spot.

Signs on how to spot someone is using LSD

  1. They have dilated Pupil’s – This is far the most easy thing to spot from an LSD user. Even from a frequent user, dilated pupils and this tendency to keep their eyes wide open seems to slowly become permanent.
  2. LSD is not likely at all to make the user aggressive or cause harm to others. They may be disillusioned so could be a good idea to make sure they are not operating machinery. Also giving them good positive comfort can help them during a trip.
  3. For more and information on LSD click on the Narconon Website here.


Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms are a very similar high and experience to LSD and consequently have similar observatory affects. Magic mushrooms can be eaten raw, or any other possible mushroom dish you ever think of cooking. Other popular forms of consumption are in shakes and chocolate bars.

Signs on how to spot someone is on Mushrooms

Since the experience of Mushrooms is similar to LSD the side effects of behaviour is also very similar.
  1. At a low dosage, user may become giggly and have glazed look in their eyes similar to someone whose smoked Marijuana.
  2. High dosage user’s attention span may decrease. This should be noticeable with their behaviour.
  3. People are not likely at all to be aggressive on Mushrooms.  If they seem to be having a bad time, be sure to encourage positive thoughts and energy towards them.


Ecstasy MDMA

Also, know as the love drug, with many different names. This could be the most common party drug of choice next to Mary Jane. Usually taken in a pill or powder form. Ecstasy is popular for a reason. Known to give you a boost of energy and absolutely adore everything your senses experience. Here are some common ways to spot someone on MDMA.  

Signs on how to spot someone on Ecstasy

  1. They love everything a bit more than normal. Including house music.
  2. Dilated Pupils
  3. Gurning – Also know as chewing their face off. In other words, grinding teeth and chewing on…. nothing?


Meth / Amphetamines

Meth and Amphetamines can be taken in many different forms. usually smoked in glass pipe or taken orally as a pill. These drugs tend to cause a user to have an accelerated heart rate. Just like you would, if you downed 15 coffees. Peaking and freaking out, this drug can make people over attentive and alert giving them a twitch like tweak and keep you them for days at a time.

How people high on Meth or Amphetamines may effect you.

  1. Meth and Amphetamines can make the user very uncomfortable resulting in aggressive behaviour towards other people.
  2. They may be irrational and change thoughts and ideas fast.