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How Clubbing and Festivals Impact How You Hear Music

how-clubbing-and-festivals-impact-how-you-hear-musicAs our lives become more and more infused with technolodgy, the noise polution of our world have increased a significant amount especially in highly populated cities. We are constantly listening to something, either be our mobile head set, laptop speakers, heavy traffic, party of festival.

Accumulation of excessive noise will eventually catch up with your hearing and effect the way you perceive sound and change the way react with situations and others around you.

Everyone knows how awesome it is to go out clubbing or a crazy festival, get rowdy and dance your ass off. However it is not common knowledge of how going to these events affect your hearing over time.

Mute Audio Party The very few people that do are usually the performers themselves as they are constantly on the road and at a new event every night getting blasted by extreme sound levels and understand there is only so much noise one set of ears can be exposed to.

Sudden hearing loss is not very likely unless you are exposed to an extreme sound like a gun next to your ear or a bomb. Infact most hearing loss comes in gradually which makes it hard to notice at first. This becomes a problem as you end up having to compensate for it later in may ways.

Going out to these events on a regular basis will expose your hearing to the excessive volume, anything over 85dB you will be at risk and most clubs and festivals exceed 100dB easily and in most countries there are no restrictions or advisory before heading inside.

If you like to go out to a festival or club and dance all day/ night it may be best to keep in mind that your hearing is likely to be risk of ‘noise induced hearing loss’. Hearing loss, impacts alot of things, including how you hear music and interperet converstaion. It can also lead to mental illness, nausea and some extreme cases, thoughts of suicide.

It usually starts out gradually by loosing the high frequencies first, making everything sound a little muffled like a pillow over your ears. You may also hear some ringing, this is called ‘Tinnitus’, and is often heard straight after a loud event and often comes in waves or periods after the event. The ringing sound plays tricks on your mind and many people suffer from not being able to sleep or suffer from loss of concentration. Also the pure tone of this ringing is more often than not the same frequency of hearing you have lost.

Mild hearing loss is extremely common amoung us. When in normal conversation, one on one in quiet dampened room you may not have any difficulty interperating each other, however early stages of hearing loss can make it really difficult to talk with someone in a crowded area or loud cafe for instance as you brain has trouble focusing on the one individual voice amongst the many others that are present. As your life progresses from being a teen, you may decide to get married and have children, hearing loss may effect you from hearing your spouse and kids properly and have an effect on there speech perception of you not being able to pay attention, when reality it is hard to hear them.

Other than eliminating being in a loud environment, using hearing protection is still the only way to prevent noise induced hearing loss and is highly recommeded to anyone is going to a music festival or night club who wants to still enjoy the music at a later date.