Frequent Asked Questions

Why not use foam earplugs?

They muffle speech and music. Conventional earplugs reduce sound more in the high frequencies than in the low and mid frequencies, which makes music and voices unclear and unnatural. Deeply-inserted foam earplugs not only muffle the sound, but can provide 30-40 dB of sound reduction when only a small amount is needed.

Are there advantages of custom Musicians Earplugs over M-Series?

M-Series earplugs reduce sound by 23- 27 dB and are ideal for a wide range of occupations, musical events and recreational activities. Custom fit Musicians Earplugs are the ultimate in comfort because they are customized to your ear, however they do cost approximately 8 times the price making them not ideal to replace if you end up losing them.

Why don’t they just turn the music down?

People will always ask. “Why don’t they just turn the music down at the venue?” It’s a good question. Yes it will make the music quieter, but the crowd will most likely still be more than ’85 decibels’ which is considered the lowest level for “safe hearing”. Obviously, this in turn will make the crowd louder than the music, which is not ideal when you just paid $50 to see your favourite musician. Another very good reason is that we love to feel the music. There’s nothing like a good old fashioned bass drop that resonate our internal organs, making us feel that we are hovering off the ground.

Why is loud music more enjoyable?

The reason why loud music is more enjoyable than quiet music is due to the way our ears perceive the sound. At lower volumes our hearing interprets the frequencies more unevenly. The frequencies at the high and bottom end for the spectrum are rounded off, leaving you with only an audible mid range. As the volume increases these rounded off frequencies become more ‘flat’ and even with the mid range which we find more appealing to our hearing. Of course this is only up until a certain point.

Are Earplugs For Sissies?

There are very rare cases when you get someone trying to take your earplugs out of your ears and saying “Why the hell would you wear earplugs you (insert expletive here)”. For some people there is no winning. A lot are uneducated or misinformed, thinking that wearing musician earplugs will somehow make it they you can’t hear the music and ultimately ruining your experience. They don’t realise that it will actually improve your experience right then and there, but also for all future loud venue experiences. Thank fully we have tried to minimise this case of people noticing you are even wearing our musician earplugs by designing them to be as discrete as possible. They do not stick out of your ear.

How much protection do people need?

It is as important to protect your ears from loud sounds as it is to protect your skin from over exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun. Repeated exposure to sun is harmful to the skin and repeated exposure to loud sounds can cause hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Some persons are more susceptible to hearing loss from high-level sound than others. Even if a temporary loss recovers, there is a risk that repeated exposure to loud noise will result in permanent hearing loss. We now know that hearing loss is cumulative over our lifetime.

How much noise is too much?

Noise-induced hearing loss from excessive exposure to high-level sound is a function of sound intensity and the duration of sound. Some persons are more susceptible to hearing loss from loud sound than others.

Why are deep impressions required for M-Series Earplugs?

Earplugs need to seal deeply in the bony portion of the ear canal or the wearer will hear a hollow or boomy sound in their own voice when speaking, singing or playing a brass or wind instrument. This unpleasant or distracting sound is called the occlusion effect. Deep earmolds (past the second bend of the ear canal) will eliminate this problem.