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What Everyone Ought to Know about Hearing Loss

Hearing LossHearing loss is also known to be deafness. It can occur in the form of a total or partial inability to hear sound in one or both ears. In fact, human ear is considered to be a smallest and one of the most complex organs. The formation of human ear is recognized to be exceptionally resilient and therefore, it is vulnerable for various illnesses and injuries that can ultimately cause hearing loss.

As per the statistics, three out of every 1000 babies are born with some sort of hearing impairment. That is why it is considered to be the most common birth defect of all. In addition to that, due to various reasons, hard of hearing can be experienced even later in life too. Hearing loss may exist in many types;

Conductive hearing loss

It occurs in the part of the middle or outer ear. Those who suffer from conductive hearing loss will experience hearing loss (hard of hearing). However, in most of the cases, this is curable with proper medical treatment. Causes of conductive hearing loss are collection of fluid in the middle year, infections, injured or infected ear drum etc.

– Sensory hearing loss:

Sensory hearing loss occurs due to issues pertaining to cochlea. The severity of the hearing loss may vary. Virtually, sensory hearing loss is permanent and it will affect the normal talking ability too. This condition may occur as people grow older, as a result of the exposure to loud noises, due to infections and many other reasons.

– Mixed hearing loss:

This condition may develop due to issues in outer and middle ear in addition to the damages of tiny hair cells. This is generally a hard condition to be healed.

– Neural hearing loss:

Neural hearing loss may occur due to a malfunction in the connection between the cochlea and the brain.

Leaving hearing loss untreated is riskier

Unfortunately, a large number of individuals pay less attention on their hearing issues and leave them untreated for many years. This will be a huge mistake considering the potential consequences. After left untreated for many years, patients will find it difficult to understand speech even with the support of the hearing aid. Therefore it is exceptionally important for people to address hard of hearing at their earliest (as soon as they discover it).

Is Hearing Aids an Option?

Once a new pair of hearing aids is fitted, you will find what you hear to be pretty exciting. You will suddenly start to hear things you haven’t heard for some time. You, therefore, need some time to be familiar with the new improvement and not to get overwhelmed. The longer the duration you have left yourself untreated, the weirder the situation is. Therefore, make sure that you attend to hearing issues as soon as you discover hard of hearing. Moreover, it is important for you to test the device for some period and see if it is the right match for you before you actually purchase it.


For any noise induced hearing loss, prevention is still the only option available today. Make sure to check out our products that can help you for the right noisey environment.