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Reasons you should double hearing protection

Double Hearing ProtectionWhen it comes to double hearing protection, you will find three basic types. They come in the forms of ear muffs, ear plugs and ZEMs. These products come with unique characteristics. All these hearing protections are capable of addressing various issues and match individual preferences. However, at times, particularly when it comes to work related environments, you might need to double the protection you wear. Such protection is called OSHA hearing protection (OSHA refers to Occupational Health and Safety Administration). This article is written explaining the reasons you should initiate OSHA hearing protection.

The concept of double hearing protection at work

Depending on the type of the occupation, people need hearing protection more or less. Double hearing protection is required for highly disturbed environments. The concept of double protection consists of ear muffs and ear plugs. Wearing both ear muffs and ear plugs together is capable of adding great protection. However, you cannot necessarily wear ear plugs or ear muffs coupled with ZEMs. In that case, we should eliminate ZEMs from double hearing protection options.

Why double protection?

Both ear muffs and ear plugs have specific NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) value. By wearing double protection, you can expect an improved protection. Depending on the type and the quality of the device, the noise reduction ability may vary. Nevertheless, by combining two equipments together, you can increase the NRR of the best device by around 5 more decibels. In other words, you shouldn’t calculate the NRR of both the protections; instead you should add about 5 decibels to the NRR value of the best protective device to get the exact noise reduction ability. Such approach may facilitate you to experience a considerable reduction in the intensity of the sound and eventually it will become a protective measure. In a nutshell, when double protection is implemented, you can remarkably reduce the risk of hearing damages. In fact, industries that generate extreme sounds encourage and facilitate their employees to wear double hearing protection nowadays. Nevertheless, the amount of protection you can expect from hearing protection may vary depending on several facts. – The brand and the model of the hearing protection – If the ear plugs can be inserted properly (and if they are inserted properly) – How deep you can insert the ear plugs. – Do you wear glasses together with the ear mufflers (glasses will reduce the efficiency of the ear mufflers).


Wearing double hearing protection is a wise approach when you have to work exposed to extreme sounds. However, the effectiveness of the double protection approach may depend on the quality of the product, the way you wear them etc. Be sure that you purchase protective wear from a reputed seller. Check for the NRR rating and be sure that they serve the intended purpose. After all, it is all about your safety. As soon as you experience something unfamiliar with your normal hearing, be sure to consult an ENT professional. Negligence may lead you towards unnecessary issues.