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Beware of Tinnitus and How to Spot it

Musician Earplugs - signs of hearing lossSigns of hearing loss and tinnitus can be occurred due to many issues. Without tracking all the associated elements, treating tinnitus becomes exceptionally difficult. Before treating tinnitus, it is important to diagnose the symptoms accurately. In fact, tinnitus itself is a symptom that is associated with some other health issue. Probably tinnitus can be one of the most affirmative sings of hearing loss

You should know that not every noise is tinnitus; some of the noises in the ear are normal. Some of those noises can be eliminated simply by cleaning the clogged wax. However, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect the sounds emerge in the ear; you should have a strong focus on all the types of noises before things become worse. It is always important to see a qualified professional physician regardless of the type of the noise inside the ear and check if there are any signs of hearing loss.

Signs of Hearing Loss

Via a professional diagnosis method, a doctor can identify the issue correctly and implement necessary treatments without any delay. A proper diagnosis will include thorough clinical evaluation (with the history of the patient); such records will help the doctor to identify if tinnitus is present and the probable cause. Generally, diagnosis of tinnitus is done with some specialized tests. Here are some of such tests conducted to identify tinnitus.

– Tinnitus pitch match
– X-rays
– Evoked response audiometry
– Audiogram
– Maskability of tinnitus
– Tinnitus loudness match
– Residual inhibition

Some of the medications can cause ringing in the ear as a side effect. Therefore, when you go to see a doctor to check the sounds in ear, you should inform your doctor about the medicines you take currently.

When you experience a ringing in the ear, you should take a note of the patterns. Such information will be highly useful for your doctor to determine the type and the cause of the tinnitus you have. Also, your doctor will determine the right kind of treatment utilizing such information.

Types of tinnitus

Subjective tinnitus

This is the most common type of all. Only the patient can hear the noise. This type of tinnitus is caused due to continuous exposure to excessive noise. In general, it may occur suddenly and last even for more than 12 months. If not addressed properly, the condition may become severe. It can be one of the most common signs of hearing loss.

Objective tinnitus

This is an exceptionally rare situation. The sound can be heard by your doctor (with the assistance of a stethoscope). The main cause for this condition can be muscle contractions or vascular deformities. Sound can occur simultaneously to the heart beat. It can be treated with a surgery or medication.

Apart from that, there are other tinnitus types such as Neurological tinnitus and Somatic tinnitus which will be identified by an experienced doctor. The treatments for tinnitus will depend on the type of the cause and the severity of the case.

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Are your ears dying?

Musician Earplugs Ear Piece - Are your Ears Dying?As of now, millions of people across the globe are suffering from hearing loss and they find it pretty difficult to tolerate everyday work. Deafness can make things exceptionally difficult for modern day individuals unless proper solution is not given. Thanks to the technology, however, there are various hearing aids such as ear piece equipment in the modern market assisting people to engage in their daily routing without any trouble.

Health Issues

Most of the health issues can be identified as soon as they occur. However, when it comes to a health condition like hearing loss, it is not the easiest to identify. Some people live for many years without even realizing that there is something wrong with their ears. In fact, hearing loss is a condition that can be developed gradually over a long period and therefore it can be pretty difficult to spot at once, particularly during the early stages. However, when it comes to a situation like an accident, people experience instant and easily noticeable hearing loss.

Ear Trauma

Aging and ear trauma are not the only reasons for a person to experience hearing loss; there are several other reasons. Some of these causes are associated with medications, defects from birth, infections in the ear, exposure to loud noises etc. For most of the people, however, aging is the primary cause of hearing loss. Some of the hearing issues are permanent while others are temporary. When it comes to permanent hearing loss (which cannot be cured either with medication or surgeries) wearing an ear piece becomes the prime solution. The sooner you identify the issue the easier it is to cure. Therefore, every person should know if their ears have started dying and address the situation at the earliest.

One of the most common and easy-to-notice signs of dying ears is that you find it hard to determine what others are saying. If you ask the others to repeat what they say or you keep moving towards them in order to hear what they say (on regular basis), you better take a note. The condition might be critical when there is less background noise, the person talks to you with a reasonable volume and you still find it difficult to grab what they say. Also, if you hear others mumble too much rather than talking, it can be a sign of some hearing loss.

Turn down the TV

Another common and powerful sign of hearing loss is that you listen to your TV or radio with high volumes all the time. Although you cannot feel that is it too loud, your family members will start to complain you about the loudness. Apart from that, if you miss regular household sounds such as phone (ringing), knocking at the door, the door bell, bark of the dog etc. they can be signs of hearing loss.

One of the most common solutions for those who suffer from hearing loss is wearing an ear piece; modern market consists of various models of such equipment to match different requirements. It is always important to consult an audiologist before purchasing an ear piece as there are many factors to consider.
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10 Eardrum Facts You Need to Know!

Musician Earplugs - 10 Ear Drum FactsEardrum plays a very important role to make people hear. In fact, it is because of Eardrum we can hear the sounds and noises around us. Sound travels in the form of waves towards the eardrum (via the ear canal) and vibrates it to form signals which are then sent towards the brain. Here are some facts you need to know about your eardrum.

01. Eardrum consists of three flexible layers

Human Eardrum consists of three layers; the outer layer is thin skin and the middle layer is made of fibrous tissue while the inmost layer is made of the mucosa. The eardrum is attached to the sidewalls of the end of the outer ear with a special type of tissue called tympanic ring or annulus.

02. What is tympanic membrane perforation

The eardrum is also called the tympanic membrane. Due to many reasons, Eardrum can be damaged. Such damage is known to be tympanic membrane perforation. Here are some common causes – Trauma – Penetration (inserting a stick to touch the Eardrum) – Infection – Blunt – Barotrauma (sudden, significant differences in air pressure)

03. Eardrums can be repaired

With special surgeries and treatments, Eardrum perforation can be repaired. There are three surgery types to select from depending on the type of the damage; Myringoplasty, Tympanoplasty and Ossiculoplasty.

04. Symptoms of tympanic membrane perforation

Ruptured (perforated) Eardrum can be identified in the presence of following symptoms – Hearing loss – Bloody drainage from the ear – Ear pain – Spinning sensation – Tinnitus (a constant ringing in the ear) – Vomiting

05. How the ruptured Eardrum is diagnosed?

A physician will observe your ear with the assistance of a special torch called an otoscope. Nevertheless, if your ear has large amounts of clogged substances like wax and infections, the doctor will find it difficult to identify the rupture.

06. Can Eardrums heal automatically?

Yes, Eardrums are made of skin and they can heal within 6-8 months under normal circumstances. However, the patient should avoid water from getting into the ear as it can worsen the situation.

07. How to prevent your Eardrum from ruptures

You can prevent your Eardrums by adhering to the following. – Never neglect ear infections. It is compulsory to see a doctor as soon as you feel an infection in the ear. – When you fly, have your ears protected with earplugs during take offs and landings. – Don’t let any foreign objects into the ear unless it is done by a trained physician. – Don’t expose yourself to excessive noise. Make sure you use ear protection upon such instances.

08. Can ruptured Eardrum cause deafness?

Yes, a damaged Eardrum can cause deafness (depending on the amount of the damage though)

09. How to keep loud noises away?

Use earplugs whenever you have to expose to excessive noise.

10. How much pressure can your Eardrum tolerate?

At a pressure level of 100,000 pascals (100 kPa), your Eardrums become ruptured. However, even at lower pressure levels (35kPa) your Eardrum becomes vulnerable to rupture.
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What Everyone Ought to Know about Hearing Loss

Hearing LossHearing loss is also known to be deafness. It can occur in the form of a total or partial inability to hear sound in one or both ears. In fact, human ear is considered to be a smallest and one of the most complex organs. The formation of human ear is recognized to be exceptionally resilient and therefore, it is vulnerable for various illnesses and injuries that can ultimately cause hearing loss.

As per the statistics, three out of every 1000 babies are born with some sort of hearing impairment. That is why it is considered to be the most common birth defect of all. In addition to that, due to various reasons, hard of hearing can be experienced even later in life too. Hearing loss may exist in many types;

Conductive hearing loss

It occurs in the part of the middle or outer ear. Those who suffer from conductive hearing loss will experience hearing loss (hard of hearing). However, in most of the cases, this is curable with proper medical treatment. Causes of conductive hearing loss are collection of fluid in the middle year, infections, injured or infected ear drum etc.

– Sensory hearing loss:

Sensory hearing loss occurs due to issues pertaining to cochlea. The severity of the hearing loss may vary. Virtually, sensory hearing loss is permanent and it will affect the normal talking ability too. This condition may occur as people grow older, as a result of the exposure to loud noises, due to infections and many other reasons.

– Mixed hearing loss:

This condition may develop due to issues in outer and middle ear in addition to the damages of tiny hair cells. This is generally a hard condition to be healed.

– Neural hearing loss:

Neural hearing loss may occur due to a malfunction in the connection between the cochlea and the brain.

Leaving hearing loss untreated is riskier

Unfortunately, a large number of individuals pay less attention on their hearing issues and leave them untreated for many years. This will be a huge mistake considering the potential consequences. After left untreated for many years, patients will find it difficult to understand speech even with the support of the hearing aid. Therefore it is exceptionally important for people to address hard of hearing at their earliest (as soon as they discover it).

Is Hearing Aids an Option?

Once a new pair of hearing aids is fitted, you will find what you hear to be pretty exciting. You will suddenly start to hear things you haven’t heard for some time. You, therefore, need some time to be familiar with the new improvement and not to get overwhelmed. The longer the duration you have left yourself untreated, the weirder the situation is. Therefore, make sure that you attend to hearing issues as soon as you discover hard of hearing. Moreover, it is important for you to test the device for some period and see if it is the right match for you before you actually purchase it.


For any noise induced hearing loss, prevention is still the only option available today. Make sure to check out our products that can help you for the right noisey environment.
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The Unseen/Biggest Dangers of Noise

Noise Induced Hearing LossWhen you are exposed to an excessive amount of noise over a long period, you may come across a range of health related issues. These issues may relate to both physiological and psychological aspects of a person’s health.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss Affects

As per the health professionals, the commonest health related issue people will experienced after exposing to excessive noise is noise induced hearing loss. Apart from that, if you live in a noise polluted environment for long hours, you might have to come across annoying and dangerous health issues such as;

– Disturbed sleep
– Fatigue and aggressiveness
– Imbalance in immune system
– Increased blood pressure
– Lead to heart diseases etc.

When the human body is exposed to an excessive noise, it will start to react against it. The autonomic nervous system of the body will change the normal functionality of the body. This will increased heart rate, stimulated blood pressure and increased hormone levels (such as adrenalin and cortisol) are the obvious results of this change. Continuous release of higher adrenalin and cortisol levels will ultimately lead your body to experience serious issues. Including; high blood pressure, increased heart rate, constant headaches, stressful feeling throughout the day, hypertension, increased chances for heart attacks, high risks of strokes, issues related to gastrointestinal system etc.

Noise induced hearing loss (long-term)

One of the obvious results of exposing to noise is long term hearing loss (noise induced hearing loss). The danger of such hearing loss is that it will grow gradually as a health condition and will remain unnoticed for many years. You will not have to expose to extreme noises for continuous hours; the noise is cumulative. Therefore, if you are an individual who is already exposed to extreme noises over the time, you are seriously vulnerable for hearing issues.

The wisest thing you should do if you feel that you are exposed to noise, particularly if you are engaged with an occupation where you have to expose yourself to noises, you must visit a professional audiologist at your earliest. Remember, hearing loss is harder to cure if you left it unattended for many years. Although noise induced hearing loss is not associated with any pain or strain, it is a permanent condition.

Noise induced hearing loss (immediate)

Due to various reasons, one can experience immediate hearing loss. Explosives, power tools such as nail guns, industrial machineries, metal clashes, blasts, crashes etc. Powerful and destructive noises can destroy the cells in the inner ear. Unfortunately, these cells NEVER GROW BACK making it a permanent condition. In that case, the victim may have to seek the assistance of hearing aids with the recommendation of an audiologist. Prevention is is the best way to avoid noise induced hearing lost. Check out the M-Series Earplugs here.

Extreme noise is always destructive. Some individuals ‘have to’ expose themselves to excessive noised as a part of their occupation. Under such circumstances, it is compulsory to wear hearing protection; employers are bound to facilitate their staff with necessary equipment. Also, it is good to have an audiologist to perform a routine check on such vulnerable employees before something bad happens.
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Reasons you should double hearing protection

Double Hearing ProtectionWhen it comes to double hearing protection, you will find three basic types. They come in the forms of ear muffs, ear plugs and ZEMs. These products come with unique characteristics. All these hearing protections are capable of addressing various issues and match individual preferences. However, at times, particularly when it comes to work related environments, you might need to double the protection you wear. Such protection is called OSHA hearing protection (OSHA refers to Occupational Health and Safety Administration). This article is written explaining the reasons you should initiate OSHA hearing protection.

The concept of double hearing protection at work

Depending on the type of the occupation, people need hearing protection more or less. Double hearing protection is required for highly disturbed environments. The concept of double protection consists of ear muffs and ear plugs. Wearing both ear muffs and ear plugs together is capable of adding great protection. However, you cannot necessarily wear ear plugs or ear muffs coupled with ZEMs. In that case, we should eliminate ZEMs from double hearing protection options.

Why double protection?

Both ear muffs and ear plugs have specific NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) value. By wearing double protection, you can expect an improved protection. Depending on the type and the quality of the device, the noise reduction ability may vary. Nevertheless, by combining two equipments together, you can increase the NRR of the best device by around 5 more decibels. In other words, you shouldn’t calculate the NRR of both the protections; instead you should add about 5 decibels to the NRR value of the best protective device to get the exact noise reduction ability. Such approach may facilitate you to experience a considerable reduction in the intensity of the sound and eventually it will become a protective measure. In a nutshell, when double protection is implemented, you can remarkably reduce the risk of hearing damages. In fact, industries that generate extreme sounds encourage and facilitate their employees to wear double hearing protection nowadays. Nevertheless, the amount of protection you can expect from hearing protection may vary depending on several facts. – The brand and the model of the hearing protection – If the ear plugs can be inserted properly (and if they are inserted properly) – How deep you can insert the ear plugs. – Do you wear glasses together with the ear mufflers (glasses will reduce the efficiency of the ear mufflers).


Wearing double hearing protection is a wise approach when you have to work exposed to extreme sounds. However, the effectiveness of the double protection approach may depend on the quality of the product, the way you wear them etc. Be sure that you purchase protective wear from a reputed seller. Check for the NRR rating and be sure that they serve the intended purpose. After all, it is all about your safety. As soon as you experience something unfamiliar with your normal hearing, be sure to consult an ENT professional. Negligence may lead you towards unnecessary issues.
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Could your hearing disorders be recoverable?

Hearing Disorders

Talk to the experts

Surprisingly, a significant number of people who suffer from auditory issues assume that there is no recovery for them. Just because of this wrongful assumption, a considerable number of people have chosen to accept the defeat without a fight and live with it. As per the hearing loss association of America, those who suffer from hearing disorders and their families undergo a significant amount of trouble and turmoil. However, despite the wrongful assumptions, most of the hearing disorders are actually recoverable. Modern technology facilitates a large number of options as treatments to this agony.


The treatment for hearing disorders will actually depend on the type and the extent of the condition. When a hearing disorder is noticed from an individual, he or she should be immediately taken to an ENT specialist. Such professional will attend to the issue and explain the actual condition of the patient and offer the available options. After discovering an issue pertaining to hearing, it is always good to refer all the options available; such approach may help you to select the best option out of the rest. Joining an association such as Hearing loss association of America. Will be beneficial for those who suffer from hearing issues; this association provides necessary advice, support, guidance and recommendations. As mentioned before, the treatment for hearing loss may depend on the type of the cause. If it has caused because of an ototoxic medicine, the healing process may start soon after you stop taking them. When the issue has emerged as a result of an infection, your treatments will be based on antibiotics and regain the ability of hearing. However, if the issue is a result of an injury (either to the head or the ear), most probably, the patient will have to undergo a surgery. Upon cases like Otosclerosis, acoustic neuroma or Meniere’s disease, the treatment will consist of surgery or medication. If you suffer from autoimmune issues, you will need medication to recover. A minor issue like ear wax can be cured by safe removal of ear wax.

Permanent Hearing Disorders

When it comes to permanent hearing disorder, however, the treatments are different. One of the most effective ways to overcome a permanent condition is wearing hearing aids. It is true that these devices are not capable of restoring your hearing ability, yet they are capable to make you hear again and facilitate you to communicate without much trouble. Such step will be vital for the patient as well as the family members to live an ordinary lifestyle. CHeck out our M-Series Products help prevent permanent damage.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids come in different forms to select such as BTE (Behind the Ear), ITE (In the Ear), ITC (In the Canal), ITE (In the Ear) and CIC (Completely in the Canal). Depending on the type and the extent of the health condition, a specialist will recommend you the suitable type of hearing aid. Some of the models don’t match certain age groups and conditions. When using a hearing aid, however, it is important to adhere to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

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Why Musicians, Producers and DJ’s Need Hearing Protection!

Hearing Protection for Producer’s

For Producers, hearing protection is excruciatingly important. It is your goal to mix all the elements of the track into the exact frequency slot. If you end up finishing/mastering a song and its all ready to go. With hearing damage, you will usually compensate for your hearing loss in the mix down. Usually by boosting the high end much too much. To someone without hearing damage/ hearing loss. Your song is going to sound unpleasant from other mastered songs and likely to sound tinny.

Boosting to High?
Another situation could be, if you were to have boosted the cymbals, overheads and/ or the hi-hats too loud in the mix. From overcompensating to the damage you may have previously done. As a producer, keeping your ears in tip top form is essential for producing great sounding mix-downs, mastering and keeping your mentality straight. If you keep putting out songs in this situation of having damage. Your music wont be as popular as it could have been. We do not recommend wear our products when producing. However, when you are out and about checking out some live music at a festival or club. Or even just have a drink at a loud bar, its definitely handy to keep a pair of the m-series hearing protection handy.

Earplugs for Musicians

Hearing is the most important tool for any Musician. If you were completely deaf, you could still play an instrument physically, however you would never know how it sounds. You may think it sounds good, but to the listener it is a different story. Mozart himself had this problem as he ended going completely deaf from over exposure to loud sound. This in turn had affects on his mental well being and including thoughts of suicide. This is not a situation anyone wants to be in, as any musician who truely loves music would never want to not be able to hear again. Our hearing protection is designed for musicians, whether you are a drummer, singing vocals, playing the guitar or stringing a violin in an orchestra. You are able to hear, not only your own instrument. But also the other instruments around you. All, at just a lower sound level. So your ears are kept safe from damage.

Earplugs for DJ’s

DJ’s are constantly in extremely loud venues which are well over the ‘safe hearing level’. As a Dj, you need to be mixing those tunes tight, usually by listening to the snare and hi hats in the mix. Our hearing protection are great for these situations, as you can still hear the high end clearly in your headphones! Thats right, because the m-series are so discrete, its very easy to fit a pair of monitoring headphones over top and mix’em beats protected. The design of our earplugs are made for monitoring with headphones if needed as they do not stick out of your ear unlike other products on the market. If you do plan to mix with a pair of headphones and earplugs simultaneously. We would recommend a Pair of M3’s for mixing and a Pair of M7’s when off stage.
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7 Most Frightening Environments that cause hearing damage

One of the most common causes of hearing loss is lengthy exposure to high decibels. In general, human ear can withstand noises below 85dB while higher decibels cause notable inconvenience; on long term basis such exposure can cause serious hearing damage. In fact, human ear is sensitive even for lower decibel values (such as 0 to 25) and that explains how much of damage a higher volume can cause. Depending on your work and living environment, you will experience different levels of noises for different levels of durations. Mentioned below are 7 most frightening environments that cause hearing damage.

#7 – Nursery schools

In general, schools are known to be places that generate a large amount of noise. The level of noise generated in nursery school environments may have a value around 85dB. Nevertheless, environments with younger students (such as nurseries) generate more noise than the upper grades. These noises come in high frequency and when you exposed to such environment for longer durations; ultimately it will lead to hearing damages.

#6 – Hair Salons

Although it is an exceptionally demanding job, hairdressers experience a significant amount of sound on daily basis depending on the equipment they use. In a closed environment, they are exposed to noises averaging 85dB. Although the noises are not consistent (equipment like hair dryers are used with considerable intervals), it can be among the most powerful causes of hearing damages over the time. Therefore, it is always good to use ear plugs if you happen to work in such environment.

#5 – Construction fields and Manufacturing plants

As per the studies, things are really noisy in environments such as construction fields and manufacturing plants. In general, machineries used in these environments are capable of generating noises over 90dB. Exposure to such noise for about 8 hours may make you venerable hearing damages.

#4 – Agricultural Fields

Although you might wonder how an agricultural field can be so dangerous, you will realize the amount of inconvenience it can cause when equipment such as tractors, trimmers and lawnmowers are on operation. The average amount of noise generated in agricultural fields read a value around 112dB.

#3 – Military fields

Those who are working in military field have to be exposed to sounds like trucks, sirens, blasts, gunfire, screaming etc. Such noises read values as high as 130dB. It is needless to mention the amount of damage such noise can cause particularly when exposed on long term basis.

#2 – Racing Fields

Racing fields undoubtedly generate a massive noise. Things can go pretty ugly particularly for the racers and the crew considering the amount of exposure and the noise racing fields can cause. In fact, the average amount of noise it creates is as high as 135dB.

#1 – Airports

The amount of noise caused by the airplane and jet engines has lifted airports to the #1 position in the list of noisiest environments. The average noise in an airport reaches 140dB making it so dangerous and unbearable for traffic controllers and ground staff.

Most of the occasions, the damage can be minimized with the utilization of noise reduction devices such as custom fitted ear plugs.
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Noise Pollution, Then and Now

What is Noise Pollution?

Noise Pollution is accumulated, excessively loud sound from today’s modern society that has negative affects to both humans and animal life. It is mainly cause by motor vehicles , transportation systems and machines.

Noise Pollution is a massive problem nowadays, being inside a highly densely populated area you are almost guaranteed to be exposed to high levels of noise Pollution. Let’s have a look at what noise Pollution is and how it effects you.

Effects of Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution can affect a humans health in many ways including Hypertension which is when your blood pressure is too high for an extended period of time which is a major risk factor for heart and artery related problems. It can also cause Vasocontriction which in lamens terms is the narrowing of your arteries which decreases the blood flow to important areas of your body.

Along side that, of course there is hearing impairment, for when you can no longer hear as well and may suffer tinitus a ringing in the ear. This effects your life daily with communication, sleeping and so on.

There are also psychological issues that maybe the affect of Noise Pollution that creates stress, agrivated aggression and antisocial behaviour.

Can Noise Induced Hearing Loss be Prevented?

Luckily It can be prevented as long as there is commitment. If you a city slicker living in a dense city it has become increasingly hard to avoid noise however with a little commen sense you can reduce the stress overcome by noise poluution here are a few tips:

1. Avoid city traffic, Stay indoors or even wear your own personal audio with the volume down, this will usually isolate the noise from outside a little bit reducing the volume, but make sure not to have your headset to loud overcompensating for the noise outside.

2. Wear soft earplugs to bed, Reducing the noise over the extended time of when you sleep will signicantly reduce the exposure to any noise pollution that may be in your environment, this will definitely apply if your house or apartment is on a main street or near the airport.

3. Social events, The M-Series Earplugs are great for social events for large volume of people or loud venues. They are just like a volume swtich and turn everything down a notch, so you can still everything clear.

4. If you work in a loud work environment, your company or boss should supply you with the correct hearing protection for the application. If in doubt, keep your saftey first.

Before the Machines

  Before we had mega cities, locomotives and guns humans use to live amongst nature where there was very little that would put your hearing at risk. Your hearing would be one of the most important traits as humans use to rely on it extensively for survival. You could hear your prey catching up on you. Or the next victim of your appetite. The sound of water rushing near by.

  When you are born, a babies hearing is so sensitive it could hear the difference in temperature rise. However it doesn’t take long for your hearing to be affected by todays loud environment

Noisey Planes Cars and Trains

  School environments for children at a young age for kindergarten and preschool tend to be extremely loud due to a large volume of kids in a small area. Kids at this age love to scream and shout to be heard and get attention and when mixed with highly reflective rooms without acoustic treatment can amplify the noise and encourage even more from other students.

Future Prevention of Noise Pollution

Electric motors in motorcycles and cars significantly reduce noise Pollution in traffic. People have been complaining that it is dangerous as it is hard to hear an electric vehicles come by them, or sneak up on them increasing the risk of accidents, however it is due to the rest of the being saturated in loud non electric motors and there will need to be a transition period as the new market for electric motors takes over.