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Beware of Tinnitus and How to Spot it

Musician Earplugs - signs of hearing lossSigns of hearing loss and tinnitus can be occurred due to many issues. Without tracking all the associated elements, treating tinnitus becomes exceptionally difficult. Before treating tinnitus, it is important to diagnose the symptoms accurately. In fact, tinnitus itself is a symptom that is associated with some other health issue. Probably tinnitus can be one of the most affirmative sings of hearing loss

You should know that not every noise is tinnitus; some of the noises in the ear are normal. Some of those noises can be eliminated simply by cleaning the clogged wax. However, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect the sounds emerge in the ear; you should have a strong focus on all the types of noises before things become worse. It is always important to see a qualified professional physician regardless of the type of the noise inside the ear and check if there are any signs of hearing loss.

Signs of Hearing Loss

Via a professional diagnosis method, a doctor can identify the issue correctly and implement necessary treatments without any delay. A proper diagnosis will include thorough clinical evaluation (with the history of the patient); such records will help the doctor to identify if tinnitus is present and the probable cause. Generally, diagnosis of tinnitus is done with some specialized tests. Here are some of such tests conducted to identify tinnitus.

– Tinnitus pitch match
– X-rays
– Evoked response audiometry
– Audiogram
– Maskability of tinnitus
– Tinnitus loudness match
– Residual inhibition

Some of the medications can cause ringing in the ear as a side effect. Therefore, when you go to see a doctor to check the sounds in ear, you should inform your doctor about the medicines you take currently.

When you experience a ringing in the ear, you should take a note of the patterns. Such information will be highly useful for your doctor to determine the type and the cause of the tinnitus you have. Also, your doctor will determine the right kind of treatment utilizing such information.

Types of tinnitus

Subjective tinnitus

This is the most common type of all. Only the patient can hear the noise. This type of tinnitus is caused due to continuous exposure to excessive noise. In general, it may occur suddenly and last even for more than 12 months. If not addressed properly, the condition may become severe. It can be one of the most common signs of hearing loss.

Objective tinnitus

This is an exceptionally rare situation. The sound can be heard by your doctor (with the assistance of a stethoscope). The main cause for this condition can be muscle contractions or vascular deformities. Sound can occur simultaneously to the heart beat. It can be treated with a surgery or medication.

Apart from that, there are other tinnitus types such as Neurological tinnitus and Somatic tinnitus which will be identified by an experienced doctor. The treatments for tinnitus will depend on the type of the cause and the severity of the case.