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7 Most Frightening Environments that cause hearing damage

One of the most common causes of hearing loss is lengthy exposure to high decibels. In general, human ear can withstand noises below 85dB while higher decibels cause notable inconvenience; on long term basis such exposure can cause serious hearing damage. In fact, human ear is sensitive even for lower decibel values (such as 0 to 25) and that explains how much of damage a higher volume can cause. Depending on your work and living environment, you will experience different levels of noises for different levels of durations. Mentioned below are 7 most frightening environments that cause hearing damage.

#7 – Nursery schools

In general, schools are known to be places that generate a large amount of noise. The level of noise generated in nursery school environments may have a value around 85dB. Nevertheless, environments with younger students (such as nurseries) generate more noise than the upper grades. These noises come in high frequency and when you exposed to such environment for longer durations; ultimately it will lead to hearing damages.

#6 – Hair Salons

Although it is an exceptionally demanding job, hairdressers experience a significant amount of sound on daily basis depending on the equipment they use. In a closed environment, they are exposed to noises averaging 85dB. Although the noises are not consistent (equipment like hair dryers are used with considerable intervals), it can be among the most powerful causes of hearing damages over the time. Therefore, it is always good to use ear plugs if you happen to work in such environment.

#5 – Construction fields and Manufacturing plants

As per the studies, things are really noisy in environments such as construction fields and manufacturing plants. In general, machineries used in these environments are capable of generating noises over 90dB. Exposure to such noise for about 8 hours may make you venerable hearing damages.

#4 – Agricultural Fields

Although you might wonder how an agricultural field can be so dangerous, you will realize the amount of inconvenience it can cause when equipment such as tractors, trimmers and lawnmowers are on operation. The average amount of noise generated in agricultural fields read a value around 112dB.

#3 – Military fields

Those who are working in military field have to be exposed to sounds like trucks, sirens, blasts, gunfire, screaming etc. Such noises read values as high as 130dB. It is needless to mention the amount of damage such noise can cause particularly when exposed on long term basis.

#2 – Racing Fields

Racing fields undoubtedly generate a massive noise. Things can go pretty ugly particularly for the racers and the crew considering the amount of exposure and the noise racing fields can cause. In fact, the average amount of noise it creates is as high as 135dB.

#1 – Airports

The amount of noise caused by the airplane and jet engines has lifted airports to the #1 position in the list of noisiest environments. The average noise in an airport reaches 140dB making it so dangerous and unbearable for traffic controllers and ground staff.

Most of the occasions, the damage can be minimized with the utilization of noise reduction devices such as custom fitted ear plugs.